Detergent Packaging

Many companies manufacture varieties of detergent product which differ in multiple ways, but all follow one mechanism: to clean dirt. If the detergent is stored in weak packaging material, it creates new chemicals that degrade the quality of detergent and it may start to leak and even create foul odors. So detergent packaging needs to be leakage proof. Swiss Pac provides detergent bags for the vastly growing detergent markets. Our detergent packaging products are of the highest quality and useful to package many detergent forms such as

  • Powder form detergent packaging
  • Soap bars
  • Liquid detergent packaging

Our flexible detergent packs provide convenience in transportation and storing of packaging material. The designs we offer for the detergent packaging may vary in accordance with the desired packaging needs. The most popular bag form for detergent packaging would be stand up pouches because they are able to stand unattended on shelves, providing the most systematic shelf appearance. You can also find our other detergent packaging forms like flat bottom pouches, spout pouches, pillow pouches and many more. We make use of various plastic materials in the production of our detergent packs including

  • MET
  • PVC
  • PE
  • PPE

We provide stock as well as custom printed detergent packs. For our custom printed bags, we make use of the rotogravure technique which allows printing up to 9 colors. Our custom printed bags are an important promotional packaging tool for your products and brand. For our plastic packaging we provide various types of surface finishing like matte finish, gloss finish and shiny finish. Our detergent packaging bags are equipped with various accessories such as

  • Re-sealable zipper
  • Euro slot
  • Hanging holes
  • Degassing valve
  • Tear notches
  • Transparent window

Our detergent packs are made from multiple layers of high quality barrier films laminated together that help the products to be fresher for longer. You can find our spout pouches which are ideal for the liquid detergent packaging. These pouches offer several advantages over other packaging solutions.