Quad Seal Bags

Quad seal bags are a well known term used to refer to four sided seal bags. These bags are considered as one of the most stylish bags and are used for packaging coffee and other commodities from various markets. They are also regarded as one of the most reliable and stable flexible pouches. Quad sealed bags are securely sealed on all four sides of the pouch. Quad sealed bags have become more popular these days and are a favourite amongst consumers.

Quad sealed gusseted bags are used to package heavier weighted products as the sealing of all four sides of the pouch ensures extra strength. We manufacture poly gusseted bags, keeping in mind the feature of durability; hence these bags are produced with plastic films which contribute to the strength of pouches. Plastic films included by us are

  • PPE
  • BOPP
  • MET
  • PVC

Quad sealed bags are produced with metalized or aluminium lining which enhances the shelf life of goods. We make use of the rotogravure technique so we are able to produce custom printed bags with the use of up to nine different colors. Our custom bags are produced with matt, shiny and gloss finishes. These bags are useful for the packaging of various products from different markets such as


  • Coffee
  • Fertilizer
  • Protein powder
  • Tea
  • Chocolate nuts and much more.

Quad sealed bags are very beneficial as they are sealed around all four sides which ensure that the contents remain safe and fresh inside the packaging.The brand and company information are displayed on the packaging. We also produce our quad seal bags with various modifications like

  • Re-sealable zippers
  • Euro slots
  • Degassing valves
  • Hanging holes
  • Tear notches
  • Oval windows

Feel free to contact us, we offer over 30 years of experience in the flexible packaging market.