Shrink Sleeves

shrink sleeveIf you want that your product should be recognized among so many consumers, then you should give importance to labeling your products, because without it your brand has no real distinctive difference. With the help of effective labeling you are able to grab attention of the consumers and defeat your competitors. It is so important to choose flexible labeling that has durability, which provide scratch resistant, represent clear graphic imagery for branding and positively communicates the brand existence. You can make use of shrink sleeves to replace your traditional form of paper labeling. Shrink sleeve labels are far less rigid and used to label packaging of various shapes and sizes.

Shrink sleeves are one of the modern and frequently used forms of promotional packaging which is also referred as shrink labels and shrink wrappers. Shrink film packaging performs the same function as your ordinary label, but they are far more durable and efficient because they are not sensitive to light and humidity. Swiss Pac manufactures shrink sleeve labels which are mainly used for the packaging various products such asshrink sleeves

  • Dairy products
  • Pet foods
  • Wine bottles
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Beverages
  • Industrial goods
  • Pharmaceutical products and much more.

Our shrink sleeves are customized according to your brand’s preferences. For that we make use of our rotogravure technique hence we can print up to 9 colors. We do rotogravure printing on various plastic forms for enhancing the color and display of imprinted images. We manufacture the best shrink sleeve labels by using materials like

  • PET
  • BOPP
  • PVC

Shrink sleeves provide flexibility, clarity and glossy effect to your products. We also print and display nutritional information on our shrink sleeves. Shrink labels make your products attractive so they are able to catch the attention of the consumers to purchase your products. So the shrink packaging films play a very important role in increasing the proportion of overall sales.

We provide our shrink sleeve labels at very lowest cost comparing to any other manufacturer with modern technology and equipment. You have no need to hesitate to contact us. You can send us inquiry or email, we will contact you promptly.