Grain Packaging / Flour Packaging

Grain Packaging

Grains are one of the popular commodities which are consumed by many people around the world. It is considered as a staple food because it is added to various meals. It provides various nutrients and energy to our body. Today, it has become very hard to distinguish your brand amongst others and the only way for this is through an effective grain packaging/flour packaging designs. Swiss Pac provides grain packaging bags which are able to withstand various weight capacities and one which is moisture resistant. The most popular forms of grain packaging include

  • Bread packaging
  • Cereal packaging
  • Flour packaging
  • Granola packaging
  • Oats packaging
  • Rice packaging

Swiss Pac provides graphical assistance with all packaging designs. We provide various bags styles for grain packaging like stand up pouches, gusseted bags, flat bottom bags, and three sides sealed bags, spout pouches, pillow pouches and many others. Our flour packaging bags are manufactured by including metalized layers that enhances the shelf life of products and prevents the spoilage of products.

Swiss Pac manufactures safe, reliable and cost effective flexible grain packaging bags by utilizing various plastic films like

  • PE
  • BOPP
  • MET
  • PPE

We are able to provide various package colors because we make use of the rotogravure technique that allows us to print up to 9 colors. All of our grain packaging bags are available with matt, glossy and shiny finish. Our flour packaging bags are included with other modifications like

  • Re-sealable zippers
  • Euro slot
  • One way degassing valves
  • Hanging holes
  • Tear notch
  • Transparent window

Our grain packaging assists with promotion of various brands. The storage and transportation are made easier and more convenient because your products are protected throughout the process. Swiss Pac provides clear nutritional labeling to provide more convenience for consumers and it helps to increase sales as well.