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Jerky Packaging

Jerky Packaging


Swisspac India makes laminated bags and pouches to pack different type of beef jerky products, That helps to reduce oxygen going inside the packaging and keep hygiene. Product also prevents from fungus along with preventing evaporation of unstable components. Do not let atmospheric oxygen to penetrate into the package that stops the growth of aerobic bacteria.

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Q : Do I require special plastic or foil material to pack jerky meat packaging ?

Ans : yes you require special plastic to pack jerky or meat products . Our jerky packaging bags has specially designed ultra high barrier plastic such as EVOH, PVDC or NYLON.


Q : Can I use ordinary plastic / foil bags or foil bags to pack my jerky products?

Ans : We cannot use ordinary plastic or foil bags to pack jerky products because jerky is live meat and bacteria / mold grows faster in meat products and jerky packed in ordinary plastic goes bad faster and there are chances humans gets sick when bad jerky is consumed.


Q : What is the minimum order quantity for blank jerky packaging bags.

Ans : Our minimum order quantity is just 1000 pieces. We sell our products in multiple of 100’s


Q : for custom printed jerky packaging bags what is the minimum order quantity.

Ans : We use two different technology for custom printing :

  1. For digital print : there is no minimum run. We can custom print 200 to 2000 to 20000 pouches as per your demand. With digital print technology the price of custom print pouches is too high.
  2. For rotogravure print : In this technology our minimum run is 10000 bags. With this technology the price of pouches is cheap and we can get very high quality printed pouches with lower prices. To print this pouches there is initial one time set up cost involved called cylinder charges. Please call our sales for more details.


Q : Do you ship products world wide ?

Ans : yes we ship in countries like…

  • North America, central and south America.
  • All over Europe
  • Middle east, Africa
  • Asia and south east asia.
  • Russia, Australia and new Zealand.


We can give you door delivered free freight prices. Please call our sales for further details.

Beef Jerky Packaging

Beef Jerky Packaging

Pork Jerky Packaging

Pork Jerky Packaging

Dried Meat Jerky Packaging

Dried Meat Jerky Packaging

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