answer : 70% of Startup companies fail due to bad quality looks of the packaging. It is said " jo dikhata hai bo bikta hai " but we should add more "jo sundar dikhata hai vo sabse zyada bikta hai"
New companies should do their homework more on designing and selecting printing company.
New companies can first check what their competitors are doing and what they should do to enter the market.
We have one more example to share: You dont get same user experience driving a cheaper car even though the engine capacity in CC is same as the good quality ones. So matching material or thickness in packaging does not mean that you will get same quality and looks of packaging by competitors.

answer : Big Companies has their own packaging development team and their team selects the right material combination and right quality of material so packed products stay fresh and taste, armoa, smell do not go bad for very long time.
Packaging is the skin which protects your product from getting bad and rancid faster.

answer : Big Companies Select The Perfect Packaging Material Required for their product so packed product stays fresh for very long time.
Call us with more details. Our engineers are ready to help you in selecting the right material to pack your product for a long life and good taste.

answer : we have been in this industry for the last 30 years and we export our products in more than 60 countries and have 8 warehouses across 4 continents and few manufacturing facilities.
In our Gujarat india factory we have invested approx 2 crores in hitech laboratory and total investment in india is 300 crores to give our customers seamless and consistent materials with every supply.
We are recognised as gourmet packaging material manufacturers and our aim is to give the best product and not supply in big quantities and lower our quality.